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unforgettable surfing holidays

we offer surfing holidays for beginners, advanced surfer, experts who just need surf guiding and surf and yoga lovers. we are happy to send you an individual offer for surf holidays starting from 3 nights. check out our offers and services, find various discounts and exciting special offers!

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i'm a beginner

do you want to learn how to surf and be on your feet on a wave within 7 days. then this is the holiday for you

i'm an advanced surfer

you can surf well but want to just tweak a few things to get better so you can ride more of those green waves

i just need guiding

you know your stuff when it comes to surfing, but maybe need help navigating the local area to get you on the best waves

I'm a surfer & yogi

treat yourself to this unique combination and enjoy the adrenaline of surfing and the relaxation of yoga

special surfing holidays: surf safari, yoga retreats & more

are you looking for specials during your surf holidays?
surf safari – each summer we go on breathtaking surf safaris to the south of morocco. empty beaches and perfect waves guaranteed.
yoga retreat – this special week has it all: many yoga classes with excellent yoga teachers, the most beautiful yoga terrace, healthy and balanced food and lots of surf.

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