exceptional name – exceptional story

in 2018 we opened our doors to surf lovers from around the world. ever since then we have given our guests the full surf experience, full of adventure and food for the soul (which is why some of our guests from the beginning got to know us as “surf soul adventure” surf camp).

what make us happy the most is seeing our guests screaming with joy when surfing the waves, and screaming of surprise when seeing the famous goats in the trees. which is why we have always called our guests our lovely salty goats” sometimes: just like the goats are never too afraid to bravely climb up spiky argan trees to reach another delicious fruit, our guests are never too tired to catch another wave, never too scared to smash their own limits!

when the pandemic happened, so many of our our guests reached out to us, telling us again how much they loved their surf home in morocco and how much they were already looking forward to our come back after this most difficult time.

we promised with all our heart – inspired by our guests, and just like the goats – that we would not only survive this crisis, but thrive and make it an even better home for you.

there was only one way forward for us and that was to rename and refurbish our cozy surf house – ready to welcome again our lovely salty goats.

so we could not be prouder that our surf house is not only your home again, but now wears your name too:

welcome to the
surf house!

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